These Trends Will Be Everywhere In 2020

Title a 2019 fashion fad and might’ve tried for size.

It’s more than time that we receive a little more choosy about what we’re purchasing.

Playing It Safe

TRENDING FOR 2020:”If Pantone’s selection of Colour of the Year”Classic Blue” shows anything, it is a desire for stability. I forecast that layouts and trends will fall into classics playing that want or [layouts which ] push at the bounds. I believe we will see knitwear and satisfying — I am excited about knitwear because it is tasteful and versatile in a manner. Pearls also!”

STAYING BEHIND IN 2019:”Tiny, really expensive bags which can not match anything aside from lipstick. Any footwear with an excessive amount of fur cleavage — I favor to leave something to the imagination”

Environmentally Minded Merch

TRENDING FOR 2020: “Sustainable fashion. (Though we should stop seeing it as a fad but as a method of life.) Thrifting, upcycling, purchasing local, leasing… With sustainability in mind, I believe we will see designers utilizing local materials: organic fibers, organic dyes, locally searched animal products.

With these kinds of substances, dyes and locally-made things — and with all the modern day life in mind — I believe we will see lots of embellished loose-fitting woven clothing: such as oversize coats, wide-legged trousers”

STAYING BEHIND IN 2019:”Quick mode. Itun sustainable’s inexpensive, and rips the work that is first off out there. One thing [else] I believe could pass are bags that are miniature. It is interesting for click-bait and photo-ops, but maybe not entirely practical.”

The Return Of Classic

TRENDING FOR 2020:”Sustainability in vogue. What brands do about the problem will last to be a query . Additionally, antique is coming back strong, together with miniature dresses”

STAYING BEHIND IN 2019: “Crop tops. The tendency is evolving beyond tiny shirts and high-waisted skirts to cropped blazers, which I adore.”

Comfort Is Essential

TRENDING FOR 2020:”Girls have started to exude comfort.

STAYING BEHIND IN 2019:”I am over the massive puffy-sleeve and tight-waisted mini-dress trend.

It has been overdone on media, that, like everything else, which makes it lose its allure. I’d love to find a milder shoulder and décolleté shape return for ladies.

Androgynous Footwear

TRENDING FOR 2020:”The guys -inspired loafer and fight boot were just two emerging fashions which our clients actually responded to in 2019, particularly from designers such as Dior, Celine, and Prada.”


TRENDING FOR 2020:”Neons, vivid electrical colours and tropical prints will likely be powerful for spring/summer through to fall/winter. There are lots of tendencies happening for 2020 and several have retro inspirations:’70s suits,’80s shoulders, feathers, short-shorts.”

STAYING BEHIND IN 2019:”Apparent vinyl/PVC shoes and clothes. Do not get me wrong, I really like the appearance of Lucite accessories such as clutches and totes or jewellery.

The Puffed Sleeve

TRENDING FOR 2020:”A great deal of poufs, large sleeves, Victorian-era play with.

Logos Have Legs

TRENDING FOR 2020:”Pieces which are extremely classic and that maintain their value like a traditional bomber or blazer. Logomania remains strong. The Fendi Zucca, we couldn’t give away today they’re quadruple the cost. The Dior Saddlebag, along with the Louis Vuitton monogram pouchette — it is the recycling of those trends from the’90s.”

STAYING BEHIND IN 2019:”The shrunken bag along with the biker brief. Why are you doing it if you can not fit on your telephone? In terms of biker shorts — that the’90s were sufficient for this fashion!”

Length of Monochrome

TRENDING FOR 2020: “Tone on tone.

If a color looks great on you, why don’t you highlight it a bit more? I am a color freak!

I really don’t need to anymore!”

Pamela Glowski
Pamela Glowski
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