These 5 Statement Trends Will Rule Men’s Fashion In 2020

We have to realize that guys aren’t who they was from the affairs of fashion as we wrap up another year and a decade of extravagance and fashion. Spring-Summer 2020 is going to be this decade’s menswear period and people could see just how much we have evolved if we compare it for this moment, the last decade.

Cross-Body Bags

Call it a handbag, or’murse’, as it came into accessorizing in 2019, the net obsessed with two strange topics — fanny oversize and packs bags and we do not understand why. It is time we visit a men’s attachment.

Super-soft lace regular suits

so far as spring and summer goes, light-weight and elegant throw-overs are a must-have every wardrobe. Being a staple in Louis Zegna Vuitton and Dior Winter ’19 collections, it is time we see summertime layering in life. It may be a fantastic piece for spring and summer 2020 if stitched in fabrics such as silk or satin.

Supersized coats and tops


Take it back into the’80s having a oversized blazer.

Whether it’s a good or a pinstripe, this is a fantastic way to place a spin on a outfit. Opt for a fit that is slightly larger than the match that is normal or go out with something. It received enormous acclaim in 2019 and 2018 and we are anticipating it to prevail into 2020.

Pinstripes will takeover

For SS20, some of the tailoring designs are currently making a comeback. In this situation? Pinstripe. The cloth feels modern and chic, worked at Dolce & Gabbana, Emporio Armani and Chalayan to matches once preferred by businessmen and bankers, such as SS20. One of the most timeless menswear tendencies.

Nostalgic Athleisure

Call it’retro-futurism’ or’nostalgia’is all but interchangeable with silhouettes at this time. We see this in shoes our tees and their matches . It. The softball runners puffy and jackets accessories also.

Barbara Henry
Barbara Henry
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