The Best Fashion Trends Of The Decade

Since we’re nearing the conclusion of a decade, it is very important to look back to the previous years and find out from errors and our successes.

Let us recall the fashion trends and take a stroll down memory lane.
Feathers from the hair

Looking back to the Bohemian facet of style in 2010-2011, the hair feather is found by us. Remember the times of school, as it looked like everyone was wearing a feather. Channeling Pocahontas’ vibes, you joined in on the fun. Who knows? It may create a look in 2020.

Tiny sunglasses

Regular-sized sunglasses to shield your eyes? No thanks. “Fashionably” little sunglasses to attain coolness? Yes, please! But beginning around the time of all 2017-2018, almond-shaped eye”guards” were something; and may still be. It is up to the folks to trash that tendency or keep it flourishing and alive. In any event, Dwight Schrute will be ashamed!

The guy bun

Making its debut is your guy bun that is ruggedly. Using its look during the summertime, it would appear that this tendency is’hair’ to remain. Obviously, that is all dependent upon whether guys are prepared to grow their hair out. To bun or to not bun? That’s the question.

Distressed jeans

Whether it be intense or minimal jeans, these trousers are a devotion. Beloved to a lot of real-wearers, this is probably not a fad which is going to go away anytime soon. With popularity across 2000s the 1980s and today jeans have become a staple at the youthful madwoman’s outfit. In any event, an accidental or intentional rip on your jeans have been in fashion!

Ballet shoes

You either love them or you despise them there is. This wedge appearance has made its way which makes its recurrence in 2012. There is no wonder that all of us would like to dress up our outfits. However, wedge shoes? Perhaps not the Solution. That is certainly locked in the corner of the cupboard, never to see the light of day.

Calvin Lugo
Calvin Lugo
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