Aiming For Fashion That Is Sustainable All Round

Sustainability has become a buzzword, but we seldom think about it in relation to design and fashion… Works with communities, trains girls, et cetera.

At Peperuka, we have the Wangari Maathai Line.

For every product we sell on that lineup .

So just how can you, as a conscious brand, reconcile with being a business?

where they fall on that spectrum, irrespective of their line of work, companies or individuals can pick.

Story behind their merchandise, whatever the purchase price. It will not cost me to change off the light or use less water.

That is really the style revolution was born.

Is no established standard, but there are things to look out for. As an example, we’ve got a brand which rears its silk worms.

A neighborhood designerand a T-shirt offered at Toi marketplace, I can not compete. So,hat is the sustainability doing to our regional business of the West?

The very first issue is to question your brands.

How much water does your operation consume within an day?

Do your workers have workplace conditions and fair wages? Fashion that is Speedy also perpetuates this very consumerist way of purchasing.

However, the conversation in Kenya differs.

What exactly does unconscious fashion look like? However, it I am not willing to give inferior quality or give up the concept of sustainability.

Julie Campbell
Julie Campbell
I am the researcher at the Magazineify. I love to find the new things in our world and share it before anyone else.

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