19 Fashion Trends To Know For 2020

Decade and A year has started, meaning that a new age of style is on the horizon.

And lots of the tendencies align together, which will produce a year of style.

Following is a glance at 20 tendencies which will move trend.

Seventies reveal

Brightly colored prints and colours from Fendi and Prada line suiting for girls brought the’70s narrative. The denim bits were infrequent minutes in the brand orange- and beige-tinted collection.

Shade denim

Color has been attract colour denim and customers is just one Of the very methods for designers. And they are coming color with head-to-toe looks that are monochromatic.

Platform sneakers

History tends to repeat In Regards to apparel and trouser tendencies itself.

Upcycled lace

Upcycled denim is also an accessible way for designer manufacturers to present Sustainable fabrics.

Repurposing clothes that are old is a way for manufacturers Longevity and tap to the nostalgia trend that is continuing.


The bottom that is is Graduating from its own casual and sporty roots (goodbye bicycle shorts) to ready-to-wear and day.

And shorts are a go-to for denim manufacturers. Isabel Marant and Givenchy Presented frayed cut-offs, whilst Rag & Bone maintained the appearance more collegiate-ready, pairing denim shorts with a navy blazer on its own headquarters.


Another symptom that trend might be willing to part with streetwear is Satin’s growth. The outcome is a sofa effect which looks cool with heels or shoes. With style at a colour bicycle that is high, the cloth helps intensify the colors.


Pops of colour help lighten leather looks. Standouts include sunny teal, orange, yellow and grey.

Pamela Glowski
Pamela Glowski
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